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Quiet Time by Word of Life offers a personalized experience for your spiritual growth journey. Dive into commentary and interactive devotionals, track your discipleship, and experience community through Mobilize.

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Quiet Time is designed to enhance your personal spiritual journey, offering a range of features to deepen your connection with God and track your growth.

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Enhance Your Spiritual Journey
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Here You Will Find the Most Frequently Asked Questions

Quiet Time is a web and mobile app developed by Word of Life, designed to facilitate personal time with God. It offers various features to enhance your spiritual journey.

Commentary devotionals in Quiet Time provide insightful commentary on scripture passages, allowing users to read, reflect, and write notes to deepen their understanding and personal connection with God's Word.

Interactive devotionals engage users by presenting questions based on scripture readings. This feature encourages active participation and reflection, fostering deeper spiritual growth and understanding.

Discipleship Tracking in Quiet Time allows users to monitor their spiritual growth over time. By tracking progress and milestones, users can assess their journey and identify areas for further development.

Mobilize is a feature within Quiet Time that integrates Dare2Share content, fostering meaningful interactions and discipleship opportunities among users. It provides tools for facilitating quality time and discipleship with others.

Quiet Time seamlessly syncs with the paper version, ensuring continuity and convenience for users who prefer traditional methods. This synchronization allows users to seamlessly transition between digital and physical formats without losing progress.


Discover the plans tailored for your Quiet Time journey.

Monthly Subscription

Perfect for exploring and nurturing your personal time with God.

$0.99 /month
  • Access to commentary devotionals with note-taking feature
  • Interactive devotionals with scripture-based questions
  • Track your spiritual growth with discipleship monitoring
  • Access to Dare2Share content for effective discipleship
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Annual Subscription

Unlock more savings and deeper engagement with a yearly plan.

$9.99 /year
  • Unlimited access to all features
  • Priority support for a year
  • Receive regular updates and new content
  • Access to Dare2Share content for effective discipleship
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Hear from Our Satisfied Users: Read Our Testimonials to Discover More about Quiet Time

"Quiet Time has been an incredible addition to my spiritual routine. The commentary devotionals provide deep insights, and the interactive features help me engage more deeply with scripture. The discipleship tracking feature keeps me focused on growth, and Mobilize has enhanced my discipleship relationships. I highly recommend Quiet Time to anyone seeking a closer walk with God."

Sarah Johnson
Faithful User of Quiet Time

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